Late Adv. Dadasaheb Chavan Memorial Institute of Pharmacy

(D. Pharmacy and B. Pharmacy)

Malwadi, Post – Masur, Tal – Karad, District – Satara (M.S.) 415106

LADCMIP was established in 2006.


‘Development of skills for dosage form formulation convenient to human’

The branch of pharmacy that deals with study, design, development, and evaluation of different aspects of converting active pharmaceutical ingredient/s (API) with the help of compatible excipients into a safe and effective dosage form through different routes of administration is known as pharmaceutics. It gives relationship between preliminary study, formulation, drug delivery, absorption, disposition and therapeutic response. Pharmaceutics department is fulfill with needs and equipment of curricular contents present in different subjects of D. Pharm and B. Pharm course. Department is concern with study of preformulation, pharmaceutical technology, cosmeticology, biotechnology, in process quality control tests, bio pharmaceutics and novel drug delivery system.

Major equipments present in department are:

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