Late Adv. Dadasaheb Chavan Memorial Institute of Pharmacy

(D. Pharmacy and B. Pharmacy)

Malwadi, Post – Masur, Tal – Karad, District – Satara (M.S.) 415106

LADCMIP was established in 2006.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry:

‘Isolation, identification, synthesis and analysis of pharmaceutical active ingredients’

PPharmaceutical (medicinal) chemistry is the study of identification, drug design and synthesis of pharmaceutical active ingredients. It also includes mainly organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry up to pharmaceutical applications, medicinal chemistry including drug synthesis and structural activity relationship, biochemistry of all biomolecules including identification test, isolation of phytochemical ingredients, molecular modeling of drugs and biological agents (e.g. monoclonal antibodies), multifunctional molecular complexes and synthetic vaccines. Department works effectively in a highly interdisciplinary environment and interact with scientists in other disciplines, such as molecular biology, structural biology, pharmacology, physical chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacokinetics, pharmaceutical technology, toxicology or with experts from the field of translational medicine etc. It has real challenges of development of drug molecules in health sector in post pandemic situation.

Department equipped with:

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